The Beauty of Staying on a Low Floor HDB

The Beauty of Staying on a Low Floor HDB

The thought of living in landed houses has probably crossed your mind at least once. The only problem is that landed houses is not the most affordable option when it comes to housing. One alternative that could give you the same sense of living on a landed house is living on the lower floors of an HDB. Yes, the market for resale HDBs in Singapore is dominated by flats that are located in higher floors. Most often than not, these higher floor flats overshadow what the units on the lower floors can offer.

Those in the market for new homes tend to gravitate towards flats on higher floors and don’t easily realize the various benefits of living on lower floors. You can see below the different reasons why it could be more favorable for you to opt for a lower floor HDB unit rather than the typical option.


Low floor HDBs are cheaper

This fact can be considered true most of the time. This is particularly because higher floor HDB flats have a tendency to be more expensive than their lower floor counterparts. Those, who really want to avail a top floor unit, can certainly do. But you must think about the money you can save if you choose a low floor HDB instead.

Plus, you’re not actually missing out on anything—aside from the view—when you decide to purchase a low floor HDB. You still get to have the same amenities, facilities, and the exact same room as your neighbours, who live on the top floors.

Low floor HDBs are more pet friendly

For some people, pets are a huge part of their lives. It is important that they not only provide proper shelter for themselves, but for their furry companions as well.

Of course, there are several HDB establishments in Singapore that are pet friendly. However, it is could be challenging to avoid having neighbours, who simply can’t stand to be near pets, particularly inside an elevator.

Thankfully, you can avoid these kinds of scenarios by residing in low floor HDB units, making use of the stairs and avoiding the elevator altogether when with your pet.

Low floor HDBs are more convenient when moving/renovating

Renovations or just moving into a new HDB flat can be one of the more stressful experiences any homeowner will face. This is why they should definitely consider choosing low floor HDBs than top floor ones; not only because they are cheaper, but also because they are just more convenient for them.

Just imagine having to exert as minimum effort as possible when moving your furniture, things, and knick knacks around with you – which you could not exactly do if you live in a top floor HDB.

Low floor HDBs have easy access

Low floor HDBs have easy access


It goes without saying, but low floor HDBs are much easier to access than the top floor ones. Imagine you just ended a busy day of work and you cannot wait to go home and relax. You can get to your unit without so much hassle. Or in other cases, during the morning peak hours when you are rushing to go to work, you have the other option of just taking the stairs instead of waiting for a packed lift.

Low floor HDBs have free outdoor space

Outdoor Space

This is specifically for the units that are on the ground floor. Having an outdoor space in an HDB unit is important for some people, especially if they plan to grow some outdoor plants. Those, who live in the upper floors, cannot exactly experience this, since they literally don’t get to have an outdoor space—aside from their balcony (if they have one).

Low floor HDBs have little to no evacuation concerns

No one knows when emergencies can strike. This is why everyone should have contingency plans in case of one. Riding the lift in case of an emergency is a definite no-go, which is why individuals, who live in low floor HDBs, are far safer than their neighbours, who might need to take numerous flights of stairs just to exit the building.

Low floor HDBs have little to no disability concerns

For those of you, who have any disabilities or have family members with disabilities, staying in a top floor HDB unit is not advisable. This decision, of course, lies on you. However, you must take into account the challenges you (or any of your family members) may face, particularly if your establishment is not equipped well to house people with special needs.


All of these are really good reasons for you to choose to live in a low floor HDB. As mentioned above, the last decision is yours to make, on whether you plan to stay in a low floor unit. But you might want to think really hard before making that decision. You really have to take into account the difference in lifestyle a few floors could make.