Blog : Condo

In Singapore, the term “Condo” is a shortened version of the word “Condominium” that is used to describe living spaces that bear similarities to high-rise apartments, but are independently sellable. Indeed, most condominiums, especially Executive Condominiums (ECs) in Singapore are a mix between public and private property, catering towards the upper-middle class of Singaporean society. Basic features of Condos include luxury facilities such as swimming pools and tennis courts, as well as security personnel, gated entry points, and more thorough surveillance. Developers tend to design and build condos to a higher quality because of the higher rental and sale rates. Because of this, it is not atypical to witness higher-end materials of mineral and stone being used in the facade of condo buildings. Modern condos of the new-era also have smart features accompanying them. These include smart air-conditioning and automated lock systems. As of late, higher end condos have also come to include front desk service and room services, giving residents that luxury hotel experience.