Blog : Financial Planning

Buying a home is all about financial planning. Option Fee, Valuation Fee, Admin Fee, and Exercise Fee all goes into the costs of a HDB. This does not include the deposit fee, maximum loan, interest rate, and initial purchase price. Sounds overwhelming? Ohmyhome’s valuation report can help you determine the home loan and CPF amount that you are eligible to tap into to pay for these purchases. Remember, a valid valuation report is necessary when you submit a resale application to HDB. Why not use Ohmyhome’s valuation services to receive a free, comprehensive valuation report? What’s more, we live in turbulent times today. Land prices, and subsequently, home prices, do not exist in an insulated bubble. Our home’s prices are constantly fluctuating based on the health of the world’s economy. Stay up to date with the latest insurance deals, property market and wider economy. You’ll be surprised to find out how much you can save by simply timing a deal right. By staying up to date with our content, you’ll be able to make your financial planning and roperty purchases with confidence knowing that you’ve acted upon advice from industry leaders.