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For those deciding on financing their property investment, but do not have the required cash on hand to afford down payments, there are a variety of loans one can take. With Ohmyhome Mortgage Specialists, you can swiftly and efficiently compare home loan packages across the board from various banks. Fret not! Our Mortgage Specialists are unbiased and have your best interests at heart. Best of all, our advice is free of charge! The average bank home loan rate we manage to secure for our clients is 1.78%. When comparing home loan rates, we take interest comparisons and property valuations into account. In addition, our Mortgage Specialists will do the math for you and generate a Comprehensive Mortgage Report. This Comprehensive Mortgage Report will include loan eligibility, down payment with Cash and CPF breakdown, legal fees, monthly installment, and upfront costs, such as stamp duty. Ohmyhome does receive a referral fee from our partner banks, however, all fees are fixed irrespective of the bank you decide to loan from. Don’t be afraid to approach our Mortgage Specialists for your home financing needs!