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A Foreign Student’s Basic Guide to Finding HDB Units

On top of being considered as an advanced technological hub in the East, a premier tourist’s paradise, and a strong economic juggernaut, Singapore is also known for being an amazing destination for students who want to study abroad.

The country’s natural mix of varied cultures in addition to its inherent high quality of education makes it a great place for experiences of all kinds, whether they may be educational in nature or otherwise.

First things first though. If you’re one of the many students-to-be in Singapore, then you’re going to need a decently priced yet well-maintained place to stay. That’s where HDB units for rent can help you out.

Keep your money in check

As a student you’re bound to have a fairly limited budget. Of course, you’re not going to spend all that on your rent alone – you’re going to need to divvy that up between utilities, everyday expenses, and savings.

The rate isn’t the only thing to look out for either; read your contract carefully and keep in mind that contracts set the minimum renting time for HDB units at 6 months. Luckily, this can be extended to up to a year and a half.

Learn more about renting a flat or a room in our official FAQ page.

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Choose an optimal place to live

When choosing a place to live in, keep in mind that you’re going to have to travel back and forth between your home and University at least 5 days a week. That ouht to be tiring if you live a considerable distance away, so you’ll want get a unit that’s as close as possible. You can use our free app to find nearby available HDB units.

If that’s not an option, then consider familiarizing yourself with Singapore’s easy-to-use, well-maintained transport system instead. Live near an access point and take advantage of all the LRT and MRT stops that are available across the country’s many districts.

Buses and taxi services add to the modes of public transportation available too, making it easy to get around quickly without having to spend too much.


Figure out your space requirements

You’d be surprised at the range of sizes for housing there are. It can go from pretty much living in a closet to having enough room for a small family. But that’s not to say you should get the biggest one available even if you can afford it – instead, get a unit that matches the space you need and use your extra money to travel around the country!

On the other hand, getting a roommate to split the costs with is also another viable option. A little companionship never hurt anyone, either. With that, consider…

Get a roommate if you can

Most people feel like this is a negligible point – that those you live with won’t matter in the long run. Oh, how wrong these people can be! With all the time you spend together your housemates may very well end up as the highlight of your stay in the country. Better yet, they may even turn into lifelong friends.

Those with previous contacts though, should take advantage of that opportunity too. If you already know someone who’s established in Singapore, don’t be afraid to ring them up and ask to settle in with them too.

Just be sure to offer something in return like additional payment or help around the home!


Students who are bound to stay in Singapore are sure to have a good time, so long as the basics such as housing and finances are taken care of. We can help with that. Download our Ohmyhome app and start looking for your next home today!