HDB Void Decks: A Social Playground

Since the 1970s, HDBs in Singapore have had one very consistent feature: void decks. It’s the empty space on the first floor of each HDB block that residents often use as a universally shared space for a multitude of purposes.

Oftentimes people pass by without even giving it a second thought, forgetting that it can play a large role in keeping a community vibrant.

Here’s how your everyday void deck helps you out daily:

It’s perfect for any occasion

The best thing about void decks is that it’s always there, ready for use. Regardless of whether or not you just need it for a quick, casual gathering or a full-blown party, all you need to do is book it for cheap and it’s ready to go!

Void decks have always served their communities well by being the universal shared space that everyone could use. Since its inception people have it as a sort of gathering area; a place where community members could meet up and catch up on each other’s lives.

It’s fit for everyone

For most of the young, void decks have always been a place to meet up and lepak. That’s not to say that they’re the only ones doing that though; oftentimes there are also children running around playing football or tag. There could also be those in their advanced years playing a round of chess on the tables.

It’s a place filled with activity and everyone’s memories – another reason why it’s such a beloved structure in every HDB neighborhood.

It’s quick and convenient

One of the best things about the void deck is that it’s extremely accessible. Just one lift ride down to the ground floor and you’re there! Now, who wouldn’t want to set up an event in such a convenient place? There’s absolutely no excuse for your guests not to come!

But, there are a couple of things to consider if you really do want to use the void deck. Keep in mind that it still is a shared space, which means that your proximity to other people is very close. That said, try to keep your noise down as much as possible. Not that everything has to be hushed or anything. You can still make noise freely. Just don’t let it go on for too long, especially not until night time.

It’s community-centric

When once people spent their days outdoors in the company of their neighbors, today people are often shut-in in their homes, probably stuck addicted to something on a screen. Whether it’s a game, a e-book, or a chat app, we’re now spending our time preoccupied with experiences that are purely digital.

The mere existence of a void deck allows us an avenue to meet with others and have fun without the need for any kind of expensive tech.

Visit one close to you today!