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HDBs vs Condominiums: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re a foreigner or a local, chances are you’ve asked yourself whether or not you’d rather live in a condominium or in one of the many HDBs for sale in Singapore. Both are often compared due to their similarities, and there are strong arguments to be made for either one.

Think about it, though – there’s a reason why, even today, HDB continues its development even in new areas. The demand for it simply will not disappear, and here are the reasons as to why:


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The availability of facilities

Condominiums are often renowned – and priced – for the facilities or amenities that it offers its residents. The presence of semi-private swimming pools, outdoor areas, courts of all kinds, and other leisure spots surely prove a boon to everyone, especially for those who use them often. It’s actually one of the main factors as to why condominium prices are so expensive.

On the other hand, HDBs certainly do not lack for facilities either, though in their case they come in the form of community centers – a central point within the neighborhood which everyone has access to. There are common areas, courts and sporting fields of varying kinds, and even classes of differing subjects when available.

HDBs also have what are called “mama shops” – small, mini-mart like establishments that offer a broad assortment of goods for low prices.


The location of the units

One of the biggest aspects where condominiums and HDBs differ is in location. Oftentimes, the former is designed with exclusivity in mind, which is why they’re located in remote areas. On the other hand, HDBs are usually located near MRT stops or main roads where buses always pass, making travel to and from there extremely convenient.

That’s not to say that condominiums aren’t placed near any transport modes. However, those that are will likely charge even more because of it.


The ability to integrate

Condominiums are pretty straightforward when it comes to residential integration. Basically, the people who live there can decide to either mingle or stay inside as they please. Because everything is presented to them within their units, they have little reason to leave them and so spend most of their time indoors.

The HDB though, is more than just a simple housing project. It also cares about creating a live, bustling community within its living range.  Take the first floor of every HDB unit for example: they all share the same “design” wherein it is always open for members of the community to use as a social space for whatever occasion.

Fitness areas and community clubs also allow for easy opportunities for interactions. People there are encouraged to socialize with others, thus promoting the culture of having an involved community.


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The value for your money

One of the most decisive factors when it comes to choosing between a condominium and an HDB unit comes down to price and size.

With all the perks that come with it, condominium units are understandably at a premium. It commands a higher asking price for the same amount of space any other HDB would have, and for good reason – condominiums are built on the tenets of luxury, comfort, and privacy. When buying a unit, you’re not just going for the unit itself, but also the meticulously crafted environment in which it stands.

On the other hand, HDB units are more direct in its intent. It simply wishes to house at affordable costs, and so that’s what it’s designed and built for. Also, in direct contrast to the condominium, it leans more towards a communal system when it comes to amenities, promoting a sense of community among its users.