Blog : Towns

Housing & Development Board (HDB) towns form the backbone of Singapore’s public housing. Established in 1960, HDb is the successor to the Singapore Improvement Trust of the colonial-era. HDB has an impressive track record of transforming Singapore’s housing landscape. What was once an island of squatters and slums now sees 78.7% of Singaporeans living in public homes that HDB provides, with the remaining living in Executive Condominiums (ECs) and landed properties. In fact, Singapore has one of the highest home-ownership rates in the world when it comes to its residential population - over 90%. Singapore has a total of 26 HDB towns, with each town serving different needs of the community. Nuggets of Singapore’s rich history, which spans beyond its 55 years of independence, can be found in streets, museums, cafes, HDB murals, community centres and food. Experience true Singaporean living when you live in a HDB, where people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds live harmoniously to work, play, eat and live together.