5 Benefits when you DIY your HDB Transaction

Ohmyhome Dec 27, 2016

1. Full control over your creative decisions.

Knowledge is power. When you learn how to do things yourself, you will be able to confidently execute “hands-on” projects. You will be able to push your brain power to the next level with your newly acquired planning and organizational skills. Pay less, gain new skills and get smarter, it only seems to me like a good deal!

Don’t we have a Chinese old saying? – “活到老学到老” (One is never too old to learn)**

2. You are saving money. Obviously! (up to $19,000!)

It is not a few dollars that we are talking about here but a couple of thousands that’s on the discussion table. $19,000 might sound like an enormous amount to you, and IT IS!

That’s 4222 plates of savoury Boon Tong Kee chicken rice or 20 Bangkok holiday trips. (Don’t we Singaporeans love our weekend Thailand trips?)

It takes a little effort of course but in return, you gain the knowledge of knowing that the lower-priced option will work fine for you and you can use that saved money to either give your home a facelift or buy some nice treats for your family. Why not, right?

3. Gain the sense of Satisfaction and Respect which no money can buy.

DIY projects are usually intimidating to many. People are afraid of failing or simply envisioning it to be a tough task to even begin with. However, completing a DIY project never fails to give you one of the most satisfying feelings anyone can have. Transacting your own HDB home might not be the easiest of DIY projects but it is not impossible.

4. Spread the Knowledge and Impact Someone else’s life.

Sharing is caring. When you have successfully attained the skills and knowledge on the DIY know-hows, you can then impart it to the people around you. It could be as simple as helping a friend with their HDB transaction or people whom you know that needs help. As you dive deeper into the DIY process, be assured that you will find like-minded individuals and over time, some of the wonderful people you meet will definitely become friends.

5. A path to freedom.

HDB Singapore DIY Benefits Path to Freedom

DIY-ers can attain a certain degree of freedom from depending on others. The DIY process opens up an entire plethora of endless possibilities. So, time to take that leap of faith out of your comfort zone, think of out that small claustrophobic box and take the first step to grace the world out there!


Feeling inspired? Are you ready to get started? The first step is always the hardest. But once you are over that phase, everything else will just fall into place. It is certain that you’ll benefit greatly in many ways from your DIY efforts – we’re sure about that!

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