How I Sold my HDB Flat in 3 Weeks

Ohmyhome Nov 08, 2016

“Oh, he’s amazing!”, said Mrs. Bin.

A dilemma

When Mrs. Bin first found out about Ohmyhome’s flat fee prices through the newspapers, she was skeptical about it. Ohmyhome was the first in the market to introduce flat fee agent services while other agents in the market have always been charging sellers a commission fee of up to 2% of the total cost. Paying an agent a flat fee could mean savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars for the client.

“I compared the fees with agents from elsewhere, if I (should do) DIY or engaged agents from other flyers, I have to pay 1-2% commission for getting agents.” – Mrs Bin.

Quality of her agent was her main concern

Some of her initial concerns about engaging Ohmyhome’s services were whether she was given adequate marketing exposure to potential buyers, what incentives would he provide for her and if he delivered the service professionally.

All these were dispelled when Mrs. Bin sealed the deal on the 3rd week from the day she engaged Ohmyhome’s agent services.

“Within 1 week we have the first viewing and by the end of the 3rd week, the OTP was signed and the deal was sealed.” – Mrs. Bin

Sold in 3 weeks; thoroughly satisfied

When asked about her thoughts on the level of service of her agent from Ohmyhome, she sang high praises for his level of competency, knowledge and more importantly, his warm and personable character that touched her.

Like Mrs. Bin, you may also sell your HDB in 3 weeks with Ohmyhome's Fixed Rate Agent Services. If you are a buyer who wishes to DIY, you may also do these 6 Steps on Buying your HDB without an agent.

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