The Beauty of Staying on a Low Floor HDB

Ohmyhome Apr 18, 2017

The thought of living in landed houses has probably crossed your mind at least once. However, it is not the most affordable option when it comes to housing. Live like how you live in a landed house by staying on a low floor HDB Flat.

The market for HDB Resale in Singapore may be dominated by flats located on higher floors. But these higher floor flats overshadow what the units on the lower floors can offer.

Here are the 6 Reasons to stay on a low floor HDB Flat:

It is cheaper

4 Resons to Stay on a Low Floor HDB Flat Cheaper Higher floor HDB flats tend to be more expensive than their lower floor counterparts. Consider the amount you may save if you choose a low floor HDB flat instead.

You will not actually miss out on anything aside from the view when you decide to purchase a low floor HDB. You still get to have the same amenities, facilities, and the exact same room as your neighbours.

It is more pet friendly

4 Resons to Stay on a Low Floor HDB Flat Pet-Friendly

It could be challenging to avoid having neighbours, who simply can’t stand to be near pets, particularly inside an elevator. Thankfully, you may avoid these kinds of scenarios by residing in low floor HDB units, making use of the stairs and avoiding the elevator altogether when with your pet.

It is more convenient and accessible

4 Reasons to Stay on a Low Floor HDB Flat Accessible

When staying on a low floor, you will exert as minimum effort as possible when moving in your new furniture, renovation supplies and knick knacks unlike your neighbours on the higher floor. For those who have any disabilities or have family members with disabilities, staying on a low floor HDB Flat is recommended. It also has little to no evacuation concerns. Neighbours on high floors need to take more flights of stairs to exit the building compared to those on low floor.

It has free outdoor space

4 Resons to Stay on a Low Floor HDB Flat Free Outdoor Space

Your kids may freely play under the trees behind. You may easily start your gardening project in front of your lawn. Those, who live in the upper floors, cannot exactly experience this, since they literally don’t get to have an outdoor space—aside from the balcony, corridors or outside the window.

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