Best HDB Neighbourhoods According to Amenities

Malls, schools, MRTs, and more
13 Jan 2021 Language: English

Nailing your place of residence in Singapore is crucial in determining your family’s future. If you and your partner are looking to expand your family, doing research is important to ensure that you are purchasing an HDB in a place that works for your long-term plans.

To get you started, we have compiled in this list below some of the best HDB neighbourhoods in Singapore, specifying what they can offer. This can help you find your ideal location or give you a better idea of the things you’re looking for in a place of residence.


Located near central business districts and shopping malls, Orchard is not only a convenient place to live for its amenities. It is also the best HDB neighbourhood for office workers and people who work in the retail industry.

This location is also a popular choice of residence for expats as the embassies of various countries are found not far from the area. And because a big chunk of the population in Orchard is made up of expats, international schools such as Invictus International School, EtonHouse International School, and School of the Arts Singapore can be found nearby. School of the Arts Singapore, in particular, takes only about 8 minutes to reach.

Orchard also presents a fun place to live in. You can enjoy the city life 24/7 when you live in the area, so it is certainly a place for both hustling young professionals and the young at heart.

Although it seems packed with businesses, educational institutions, and recreational facilities, you will not have to worry about access to medical facilities in case of illness or emergency. Orchard has the leading medical institution in the country, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, which takes less than 10 minutes to travel by car.


Tampines is home to a wide set of ameninties surrounded by lush greenery.

What makes Tampines the ideal neighbourhood is that it’s self-sufficient.

It is home to Singapore’s first integrated community and lifestyle hub, Tampines Hub, where you can find a hawker centre, a library, theatre, public service centre, different sports facilities, and more amenities.

The area also houses several primary and secondary schools, including St. Hilda’s Primary School, East Spring Secondary School, and Ngee Ann Secondary School, all of which are only 10 minutes away from Tampines’ HDB neighbourhood.

While it is a convenient place to live, there is still an abundance of greenery.

In the heart of Tampines is Tampines Eco Green, a public park where you can hike, birdwatch, or simply unwind. According to specialists at Cardiologist Singapore, places that offer opportunities to be outdoors are important for growing families, because they tend to encourage an active lifestyle in the family. The park is a 5-minute car ride from the majority of Tampines’ housing complexes.

With industrial estates in the area, Tampines is an ideal residence for people who work in the manufacturing industry. Changi Airport and various airlines’ main offices are also less than 20 minutes away, making it a great dwelling place for pilots, flight attendants, and businessmen who regularly fly in and out of the country.


Punggol is a rising residential area in Singapore. Reflecting the young neighbourhood, it appeals to new families who choose to live here for its ambience.

The biggest shopping centre in the area, Waterway Point, is a waterfront mall that is only a quick 5-minute drive away from housing complexes. Punggol Waterway Park is also an ideal place for a laid-back Saturday with the family, where both old and young can enjoy the lush scenery and the leisure activities it has to offer.

Punggol is a neighbourhood you should consider if you feel a tad stressed living in the city, as living near the water allows you to feel happier and more peaceful, says an article from This is because looking at water helps lower your heart rate, making you feel calm. Plus, it doesn’t hurt at all that bodies of water situated in front of a house is good feng shui.

While Punggol offers some much-needed greenery, the place can still provide you conveniences. Besides Waterway Point, there are other malls like Punggol Plaza and Oasis Terrace. Like Waterway Point, these retail centres are a mere 5-minute car ride away. There is also the more comprehensive Punggol Town Hub that is expected to open in 2021.

Besides having an abundance of retail hubs, there is also a wide selection of secondary schools in the place only 5 minutes away. Edgefield Primary and Secondary School, Greendale Primary and Secondary School, and Global Indian International School are only some of them.


Bishan is just one of the HDB neighbourhoods in Singapore that offer the best amenities for their residents.

Bishan has all the conveniences you need in a place of residence.

This place has various shopping malls that have virtually everything you can need. Residents can also enjoy their downtime at a swimming pool, stadium, and sports hall, as well as various hawker centres. There are also numerous parks in the area, including Bishan Harmony Skate Park that is merely 20 minutes away.

According to Ardmore Orthopaedic Clinic, avenues to exercise such as parks are an essential consideration for people looking for a new neighbourhood to move into as these can help promote bone and joint health for the old and the young alike.

For your children’s schooling, some of Singapore’s renowned educational institutions can also be found in Bishan, two of them being Raffles Institution and Catholic High School. These schools are only a 10-minute drive away from many of Bishan’s HDB buildings.

Bishan is best for people with careers in manufacturing, being located near industrial estates.

However, this HDB neighbourhood is also extremely accessible. If you work elsewhere on the island, there are transport hubs like the Bishan MRT Station and Bishan Bus Interchange. It is also connected to the Central Expressway for those who drive.

These are only some of the HDB neighbourhoods in Singapore that offer the best amenities for their residents. You don’t have to worry if you weren’t able to find the right place for you in this list. Different neighbourhoods fit different types of people. With so many places to settle down in Singapore, you’ll eventually find the right location for you.

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