Buying My Dream Home: Fiancé or Fiancée Scheme Eligibility Conditions

How to get your love nest before saying "I do".
21 Nov 2019 Language: English

The Fiancé or Fiancée Eligibility Scheme allows couples to apply for their first matrimonial home without tying the knot first. This presents an opportunity for couples to start planning ahead, way before even saying “I do.”

Unlike your average housing scheme, this contains special conditions that must be followed to a tee in order to get the keys to your home before all the hustle and bustle of life as a newlywed. Here are some conditions to be aware of.

5 Special conditions for Fiancé or Fiancée Scheme

Well, besides the obvious where you don’t need a marriage certificate until 3 months from the completion date, here’s what you’ll need to check off your to-do list:

  • Parent’s consent is a must if you or your partner are 18 to 21 years old.
  • If you or your partner is below the age of 18, a Special Marriage License is required for verification.
  • Make your marriage official (aka solemnisation) within 3 months from your completion date. Make the necessary arrangements at the Registry of Civil Marriages or Registry of Muslim Marriages.
  • However, this doesn’t apply to weddings registered abroad. For this, you would need to submit a photocopy of your marriage certificate to HDB within 3 months from the completion date.
  • Additionally, if you or your partner are divorcees, certain documents such as the Final Judgment (otherwise referred to as Decree Nisi Absolute), Interim Judgment (or Decree Nisi) and Order of Court are required for verification as well.

Possible housing grants you can qualify for under Fiancé or Fiancée Scheme

At this life stage where expensive milestones are nigh, what with a wedding and honeymoon to plan (among others), expenses add up. Fortunately, CPF Housing Grants are available to cushion our housing spending and make it affordable for people to own an HDB flat. Under this scheme, you have many options, which are:

Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG)

Families with an average gross monthly household income of up to $9,000 can receive housing subsidies from EHG.

Family grant

The family grant assists homebuyers who are married/ engaged couples whereby both have not received any CPF Housing Grant for the purchase of an HDB resale flat.

Proximity Housing Grant (PHG)

PHG encourages Singaporean families to live near or with their parents, Your purchased resale flat must be within 4km of your parents’ home or within the same town.

Half-housing Grant

This grant is for SC/SC applicants whose spouse/ spouse-to-be had previously received a housing subsidy.

It’s important to take note that these grants ultimately depend on a range of factors and each comes with specific eligibility criteria. Be sure to find out if you can secure a grant when calculating your housing budget. This is your first home, it should be one filled with happy memories of your new life together!

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