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Ohmyhome Mar 28, 2017

One of the biggest arguments for getting a condominium over an HDB unit lies in the availability of amenities that it offers. However, that’s not to say that HDB units can’t compare – they too have their own sets of facilities that can cater to the needs of its residents.

They may not be as “private” as their condo counterparts, but oftentimes that trait turns out to be a good thing overall. That’s because its open nature allows its users to mingle with others, and that in turn gives it a better sense of feeling like a community.

So, what kind of facilities do HDB units offer?

Sports Facilities

Badminton Courts

HDB Facilities Everyone Should Know About Badminton Located right at the heart of numerous HDB blocks, open air badminton courts are a popular spot for people to get together in. Whether the space is used to play the sport or it’s utilized for other wellness activities such as outdoor exercise, it serves as a great space for residents to get together and enjoy the outdoors.

Indoor Sports Halls

For those days when the outdoors simply isn’t an option, then the community center’s indoor sports halls are readily available for use. However, they’re more than just spaces for the athletically inclined; these halls can also be booked for all kinds of private events and occasions too.

Basketball Courts

HDB Facilities Everyone Should Know About Basketball

What would a neighbourhood be without a local basketball court? Not much, though that’s not a problem for HDB residents. A popular sport within the country, people can often be found playing games at almost any time of day. Best of all, players are often nice enough to let anyone join in a heartbeat – provided you ask nicely.

Depending on which neighbourhood you’re playing in, you’re going to experience various levels of competition. It’s up to you on where you want to test your skills out.

Street Soccer Courts

Soccer courts often see a lot of use too. That’s not to say that HDB neighbourhoods have whole fields – that’s not quite necessary. Some do have enclosed street soccer courts that are just as good anyway. Students are especially fond of this area, seeing as it’s where they all go to play in the afternoon after their lessons are done. Or even families may spend their leisure time together in a soccer field.

Fitness Corners

HDB Facilities Everyone Should Know About Fitness Gym

Sometimes working out requires a bit of equipment. Luckily enough, fitness corners can provide. While the ones there may not be as complex as those found in a private gym, they are enough for those who simply need a bit of assistance when it comes to staying fit. Assistive equipment such as chins up bars, step ups, and sit up areas are more than enough for getting one’s daily exercise routine done.

Leisure Spots

Public Gardens

While not as large a hit as some of the other more conventional outdoor spaces, public gardens make for another lovely place to spend your time in.

As its name implies, a public garden is a place where residents can contribute to the general care of the plants so that they can partake in the fun of gardening. Oftentimes these gardens contain a wide variety of plants, although the Chili Padi and Aloe Vera seem to enjoy a certain popularity.

Another thing to note about these places is that they can significantly contribute to Singapore’s agenda for clean and green sustainability, making it one of the most socially rewarding activities on this list.

Neighbourhood Parks

Another neighbourhood staple, parks, can be found all around HDB communities. They are meant for people who simply want a place to relax, jog, or stroll in. Because they’re well-maintained and easily accessible, families can often be found here spending time with each other.


HDB Facilities Everyone Should Know About Playground

Found next to almost every HDB block, playgrounds are often frequented by kids and adults alike to unwind and have fun in the outdoors within the vicinity of their homes. Its structure and complexity varies from one to the other though, as some may have more than just swings and slides, but the general use remains the same.

BBQ Pits

HDB Facilities Everyone Should Know About Bbq pits While the idea of having public BBQ pits may be unconventional to some, for many residents, it’s a welcome convenience. It’s a great venue – one which is often used for parties and gatherings of all kinds. Anyone can use them, provided that they’re booked early and that materials are provided for by whoever’s going to use it. Just remember, if you’re going to use it, make sure to clean up afterwards as a common courtesy to the next user.

Senior Citizen’s Corner

In an effort not to exclude the aging population, some HDB void decks’ “corners” have been turned into areas for senior citizens to utilize as they see fit. They’re basic spaces that come fully equipped with a washroom, a TV, chairs, and tables for general use.

True to the void deck’s original purpose, these corners do bring the elderly together in through group activities. Friendly games of chess, walks along the pebbled path, and recreational courses are often done here.


Despite the fact that not all HDB units have these facilities uniformly, the mere fact that they’re even available for the residents to enjoy is a feature that they can be proud of.

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