How I Sold my Flat and Saved $5,000

Ohmyhome Feb 02, 2017
45-year-old Solution Architect Mr. Low took some time out on a Saturday afternoon at his new crib to share with us his experience with the Ohmyhome Flat-Fee HDB Agent Services.

Find out how he managed to sell his HDB flat within a short period of time and at the price he wanted:

How did you first know about Ohmyhome?

I first got to know about Ohmyhome through my brother-in-law. He saw it through the news from one of the media channels. Knowing that I am selling my house, he shared with me about Ohmyhome and suggested that I explore this app. That’s how I knew about Ohmyhome and started using it.

What are some of your first thoughts about the Ohmyhome Flat-Fee HDB agent services?

I thought that was a piece of good news! This service should have been around years ago. As a matter of fact, one of the factors that attracted me was the Flat-Fee service that Ohmyhome is providing. With that, it helped me to save a lot of money.

In regards to Ohmyhome Flat-Fee HDB agent services – doubts and questions about professionalism will surface. What’s your opinion on this?

To be honest, I initially had the same thoughts as well – as to whether the agents have sufficient experience or levels of professionalism. But what struck me when I first met up with the agent was that he clearly explained to me all the details clearly.

It’s even stated in the contract that should the house not be sold, there will not be any fees payable. That placed me at ease in trying out the services. I’ve no regrets in taking the first step to try Ohmyhome.

What made you decide to sell your HDB flat through Ohmyhome?

There are two aspects to this. One is the technology – the ability for me to list my property on the app and to see how many views there are on a daily basis give me a lot of assurance in terms of how things are moving forward. Another part of it is the Ohmyhome agent I worked with. He is very knowledgeable in the market, very approachable and sincere and someone who knows his trade. Working with him is very satisfying and I’m happy that I sold my flat in a short period of time and at the price that I wanted.

By using Ohmyhome, how much money have you saved and how are you going to use this money?

By using Ohmyhome, I will probably save around $5000-$6000. Every dollar I save is a dollar gained in my bank, right? I haven’t really thought about how I am going to use this money but it’s definitely a significant amount.

Would you recommend Ohmyhome to your friends?

Absolutely! I’ve been telling my friends and colleagues who are interested in selling their HDB flat about this app and the range of professional services that I get from the Ohmyhome agent despite paying a flat fee. I think that the affordable fees by engaging the Ohmyhome service has a strong appeal. If you need a full service, you pay $2888. If you only need documentation services, you pay a lower fee ($1688). That is something that the market would be able to digest easily.

What advice do you have for people looking to sell their house?

I think new apps like Ohmyhome are very disruptive to the market. It benefits consumers like myself – people who are HDB sellers and buyers. This makes it very easy for people like us to conduct HDB transactions. I think everyone should embrace and try such innovative applications out because the advantages are huge. Ohmyhome is a superb platform with great services provided so far. I encourage everyone to be a part of this!

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