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08 Feb 2018 Language: English

Financial planning is one of the crucial steps you have to do in the process of buying a home; it covers important factors like your ability to pay, your budget and your credit. It is essential that you use the right financial tools in order to ensure that your journey is smooth sailing.

But now, it is as simple as downloading the Ohmyhome app to use the Cash Proceeds Calculator, Affordability Calculator and Monthly Repayment Calculator.

Manage your home buying and selling budget with Ohmyhome’s financial planning calculators!

As Singapore's No. 1 HDB Do-it-yourself (DIY) App, Ohmyhome embarks on the next stage to be the ultimate housing solution provider. You can now master the art of financial planning with our new sales proceeds calculator, affordability calculator and monthly repayment calculator.

Sales Proceeds Calculator

You no longer need to manually calculate how much money you have left after selling your property. The Sales Proceeds Calculator automates this for you and gives you insights on how to increase the value of your property before selling and enables you to estimate your expenses for renovation and furnishings beforehand.

Affordability Calculator

The amount you need to purchase a flat may include cash and CPF savings, CPF Housing Grants, and the housing loan you can secure. Ohmyhome’s Affordability Calculator lets you find out whether the property you are considering is within your budget. You have the freedom to choose the right property that fits your criteria and financial capability.

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Monthly Repayment Calculator

Securing a housing loan before purchasing a flat is important. How much you can borrow depends on your age, income, and financial standing. Now, you no longer need to call different banks to check loan rates. By using the Ohmyhome app, you can now choose your preferred listing and review the projected monthly repayment amount with ease. With one tap of the call back button, the bank will be the one to contact you at your convenience. Explore the best rates regarding mortgage rates directly from the listing page and determine the optimal loan rate that suits your needs. All these are carefully pre-assessed by Ohmyhome to ensure that only the best deals are presented.

Calculating your sales proceeds, affordability and comparing bank rates has never been this speedy and accurate. As a social enterprise and a property technology (Proptech) company, Ohmyhome aims to contribute in making property transactions simpler for HDB owners and buyers.

Download Ohmyhome now and start your journey of faster HDB transaction.

Reference: HDB

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