Why Location is Not the Biggest Factor in Buying Your HDB Flat

Ohmyhome Jan 03, 2017

Here in Singapore, HDB Apartments are the go-to housing solution, but choosing the right one to move into is one of the major family milestones.

While it’s true that location plays a significant part in your decision making, it shouldn’t be the top factor.

Chances of Securing a Home

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong (2016) advised that buyers with more pressing needs should consider getting resale flats or new flats in non-mature estates instead, as their chances of securing a home would be higher. This is because in 2016, there were 9,000 Build-To-Order (BTO) flats offered in mature estates such as Ang Mo Kio, Bedok and Bukit Merah.

If you're a first-timer, many of you can get a flat in a non-mature estate within your first try. But all of every first-timer applying for a flat in a non-mature estate can get it certainly within the second or third try.

There is higher demand in mature estates. It's now up to you if are up for a tight competition.


Supply and demand plays a major role in the property market. BTO flats in non-mature estates are generally more affordable and come with more grants than those in mature estates.

In the longer term, the majority of flats will still have to be in the non-mature estates. The increase in mature estate offerings will not be sustainable since there is space constraints in these developed towns.

The price difference may be as low as $100,000 for a three-room flat in a non-mature estate like Punggol instead of a flat in a mature estate like Toa Payoh.

A thorough financial planning is vital; you are the best person to determine whether a flat in a mature estate is preferable than the one in a non-mature estate, and whether it fits your budget.

Convenience of Public Transport

Our bus system is one that deserves more credit. It’s a great alternative to getting around as opposed to using the MRT, not to mention the fact that it’s the cheaper option too.

There are bus routes that may bring you straight to your office building's main entrance in an hour or less. You are also able to schedule your daily trip to work because of the availability of bus arrival time from your HDB Apartment's nearest bus stop.

The belief that flats in non-mature estates are located far from central business districts and are not as well served by public transportation or facilities will soon change; with the ongoing developments and MRT line extensions, the public near or far will have the same convenience.

Taking a short walk, biking around or hopping on a bus ride is just as straightforward and easy! Why Location is Not the Biggest Factor in Buying Your HDB Flat Biking


When choosing your HDB Apartment, you’d best lay the location conundrum aside and focus more on other things like the unit’s size, number of rooms, available space, and most importantly – its price. There’s no doubt about the importance of accessibility, but never let it trump over the comforts of actual living.

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