DIY Step-by-Step Guide for Buyers

Finding a resale flat just got a lot simpler with this simple guide.

Step 1

Start Your Journey

After you have downloaded Ohmyhome App, start your journey. Choose I am a "Buyer" from the list.

Financial Planning

Plan your finances to check the required cash and /or CPF amounts needed to purchase the home and service the housing loan. CPF housing grants are also available for eligible Singaporeans. Choose whether you will opt for an HDB loan or a bank loan.

Step 2

Search for a Listing

Start searching your next home, tap the search area and key in your preferred address.

Set Filters

Set the filter based on your requirements such as your budget. Zoom in and out the map and enjoy browsing.


See a listing you like? Just tap on heart icon to add it to your favourites so you may view the shortlisted listings later.

Step 3

Contact the Owner for viewings

You may check whether the owner has scheduled an open house in the open house section. If there is none, you may skip this and proceed to contact the owner. Click the "Chat with Owner" button.

Gather more Information

Find out if the price is negotiable if the asking price is above your budget. Ask questions like "Is this a high or low floor unit?" Then schedule viewing appointment with the owner.

Before the Viewing

Ask for a company when you do viewings for safety reasons. Reconfirm the viewing a day before by contacting the owner and send a message like this; "Hi, I will be there tomorrow at 7pm in your flat at Block 671B Unit #04-06 Serangoon Road for the viewing. Please confirm that I got the information right. Thank you."

On the Day of the Viewing

Arrive on time or at least 10 minutes early because the owner will be ready for your appointment. Be nice & respectful in people's home. Remove your shoes before entering the flat. Seek owner’s permission before you roam around the flat freely.

Viewing Tips

If you are planning to do a some renovations of the flat, what matters most will be the location, size & price of the flat. If you have a limited budget for renovation, take note of areas in the flat that require fixing or renovation to work within your budget. At many times, a fresh coat of paint will work wonders.

Step 4


  • Is the HDB flat price within your Budget?
  • Is it the place where you will feel at home for the next years of your life?
  • Is it conducive for your family especially for the kids when they start to go to school?

  • Is it reasonably near your workplace?
  • If the unit is too old and needs major renovation but you are not up for all the trouble, then point out to the owner the areas that require his actions prior to buying the flat.

    Which party can use the contra facility? Find out more about contra facility.

Temporary Extension of Stay

The maximum extension period is 3 months and apart from being agreeable between the buyer and seller, HDB MUST BE INFORMED of the extension.

Step 5


If you are unsure, do not give false assurance to the owner yet. Thank the owner for his time and give him a specific date when you will update whether you will take the unit or not. It is advisable to update the owner within 3 days.

In searching for your new home, there is such a thing as "Love at first sight." So if you want to take the flat, tell the owner immediately so he may reserve it for you and stop entertaining other possible buyers. You should act fast because good units rent out fast.

If you are still undecided, continue to explore other listings on Ohmyhome until you find the "right one" for you.

Step 6

Conclude the Sale

After attending the required appointments, you need to schedule a Final Inspection appointment with the Seller.

In a few days, you will be the owner of your new home.

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