Junior Backend Engineer - (Singapore)

Do you have a burning passion for building cutting-edge features and server components of multi-tier web applications and applications? 

We are looking for a Junior Backend Engineer to work with our dynamic team of mobile, web as well as data engineering teams to deliver new features, focus on the development and maintenance of server-side logic and databases, and big data pipeline implementations. You will play an integral role in helping to change our customers' lives, one property at a time.

Job Description:

  • Work on backend development, deployment, and maintenance and ensure that systems are online at all times (or as often as reasonably expected)

  • Write clean, maintainable code that is secure and able to scale

  • Develop, deploy and maintain capacity, monitoring plans and prepare documentation and diagrams depicting system and data architecture for the business

  • On-call to resolve priority and urgent issues

  • Work closely with product managers, engineers, product designers and other functional areas to build features, functionalities and products


  • Open for fresh graduates 

  • Strong hands-on experience with at least one of the programming languages: Go, Python, C++, Java

  • Passionate about software engineering, problem-solving, optimization and innovation

  • Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals (algorithms, advanced data structures, database, networking etc) 

  • Hands-on experience with relational databases (SQL, Postgres or equivalent)

  • Knowledge of microservices or serverless architecture

  • Knowledge of AWS/Azure/GCP services

  • Knowledge with Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform 

  • Knowledge of modern DevOps practices (CI/CD, Tests automation, Trunk-based development, Zero downtime deployments, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming) 

  • Excellent communicator and team player

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields

Email CV to: [email protected]

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