SEO Specialist - (Singapore)

What’s the keyword?

Do you have an insatiable appetite of driving quality leads, be discovered by search engines and always be number in the SERPS? If yes, it's time to optimise those keywords, metas and talk to bots. We want to click on you!

Job Description:

  • Conduct various testing methods in design, layout and advertising techniques in order to gain the most organic and paid traffic.

  • Prepare detailed strategy and constantly update the team of SEO guidelines

  • Promote brand love and reputation in organic channels.

  • In-depth knowledge of keyword research, SEO and the behaviours of search engines.

  • Analyse the website’s traffic sources, customer data, interactions and visits and utilise this to create actionable insights to improve the SEO strategy.

  • Propose effective SEO content for blogs, websites and social media accounts

  • Develop link building strategies, intensify the company's online presence through SEO, affiliate and referral campaigns.

  • Highly committed to growing the company's organic traffic, impression and market share by analysing keywords and SEO techniques 

  • Knowledgeable in the sales process to constantly engage the audience and communicate accurate marketing message for seamless customer experience.

  • Analyse organic campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising content marketing, SEO and related campaigns.

  • Measure and report on the effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximise results.

What's on Offer:

  • Great opportunity to be a part of Singapore's First One-stop Property Solution and First Cross-border Housing Transaction

  • Autonomy in the role and in managing SEO content strategy

  • Experience in the competitive world of high-tech start-ups

  • Attractive compensation and benefits

  • Working with dedicated, brilliant and goal-oriented colleagues in a warm and friendly environment


  • Prior experience in content marketing, content growth and SEO

  • Strong understanding of SEO concepts, strategy and best practices

  • With an insatiable appetite for learning and evolving and highly motivated with the ultimate goal of turning leads into conversions

  • Savvy with web and app analytics, heatmapping, and other web and app search engine optimisation tools

  • Generate qualified lead opportunities for the sales team

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, self-motivated and creative problem-solving skills are a must

  • Hungry to identify and succeed in opportunities that help the business grow

  • Possess great ability to identify potential negative or crisis situation and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues

  • Portfolio link required and a skill test will be provided

About Ohmyhome:

As Singapore’s first one-stop property solution, Ohmyhome utilises a game-changing ‘best of both worlds’ hybrid service model of DIY platform and agent service to simplify housing transactions for buying, selling and renting. Our all-in-one platform leverages advanced technology capabilities and our team’s dedication to ensure a seamless customer experience. 

With a focus on revolutionising the property industry, we have developed the perfect pairing of data and technology to serve and satisfy clients, successfully becoming the most efficient sales team in Singapore. We recently launched in Malaysia and has become the first cross-border one-stop property solution in the region.