Buyer FAQs

  • Download Ohmyhome app from Google Play Store or App Store and create an account.
  • Either key in your desired location onto the search bar OR tap on Explore Listings to view those flats which are available at your current (make sure the location service on your device is turned on). You can also filter according to your Budget, No. of bedrooms, Amenities etc.
  • Tap on the listings to view details and simply tap on Contact Owner to arrange for viewings.
  • Always complete the HDB resale checklist as it highlights policies and procedures that you need to be aware of before buying a flat.
  • Try to schedule viewings during daytime and not late at night.
  • Arrange someone to accompany you.
  • Don’t handover any deposit until an OTP has been granted by seller.

OTP – Option to Purchase

Step 1: Seller will grant an OTP for you to exercise within 21 calendar days and you will also need to pay a partial deposit known as option fee in cheque (S$1 to S$1000 max) to him. You must also submit a HDB valuation request by the next working day.

Step 2: Once you exercise the OTP, you have to pay the remaining deposit (S$5000 max – option fee) to the seller.

Step 3: Both seller and you must submit resale application within 7 calendar days of each other. Jointly agreed on a date and time to attend HDB 1st appointment together.

Step 4: Usually within 8 weeks  from your 1st HDB appointment, the 2nd HDB appointment (Completion Date) will take place. This is the day you will receive keys, transfer documents, signing of mortgage documents if you are taking up HDB loan, receive official SC & PT receipts and confirmation letter for application of electricity/ water supply/ renovation permit.

CONGRATULATIONS on successfully buying your flat!

OTP – Option to Purchase

SC – Service & Conservancy

PT -Property Tax

You could reference to HDB resale flat transacted prices which are available on HDB website.

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