Landlord FAQs

  • Download Ohmyhome app from Google Play Store or App Store and create an account.
  • Tap on Post My HDB at bottom right corner of app homepage. Follow through the 6 simple steps!
  • Always obtain HDB approval prior to subletting your flat.

You can create an open house as it brings more potential tenants to view flat at a date and time set up by you. Posting nice photographs also attract browsers to enquire and want to view your flat.

  • Less is more apply to your flat too as de-cluttering your living space allows potential tenants to concentrate on the layout and main features of your flat.
  • A good cleaning on all window grilles, doors and furniture indicates to potential tenants that you maintain your house.
  • Repainting always freshens up a property instantly. Neutral colours such as cream, white work well and match with most home furnishings.
  • Simple act of rearranging your furniture, turning on all lightings and air-conditioners or fans can create a sense of space and airy feeling.
  • Comforting scents such as a pot of freshly brewed coffee, baking bread or cookies is appealing and excludes homeliness.
  • Schedule your viewings during daytime and not late at night.
  • Have a companion with you in the flat.
  • Keep your valuable items away.
Step 1: You can rent out your whole flat if you are a Singaporean and have met the 5-year MOP. If yours is a resale flat bought before 30 August 2010 and without a housing grant, the required MOP is only 3 years.

Step 2: Check that your potential tenant(s) is eligible to rent from you.

Step 3: Grant a tenancy agreement and inventory list once both parties agreed on the rental amount and lease period.

Step 4: Keep photocopies of all passports and passes eg. Student Pass, Work Permit etc.

Step 5: Collect deposit (*1 month per year of lease) and advanced rental (*1 month) from the tenant(s) upon signing of tenancy agreement. Also remind the tenant(s) to pay stamp duty within 14 days from the date of tenancy agreement. How to pay stamp duty

CONGRATULATIONS on successfully renting out your flat or room(s)!

*Common practice

MOP – Minimum Occupation Period

You could reference to HDB market rental rates which are available on HDB website.

  • Ensure the number of tenants are within maximum number allowed
Criteria Whole Flat Bedroom(s)
Allowable No. of Occupants
  • 1-room 4 persons
  • 2-room 4 persons
  • 3-room 6 persons
  • 4-room 9 persons
    • 3-room 6 persons
    • 4-room 9 persons

Total no. of occupiers includes the flat owner,
authorised occupiers and subtenants

  • Ensure that your tenant(s) observe all the covenants in the lease and the provisions of Housing Development Act.
  • Communicate and attend to inquiries from your tenants in a friendly and yet professional manner.

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