Seller FAQs

  • Download Ohmyhome app from Google Play Store or App Store and create an account.
  • Tap on Post My HDB at bottom right corner of app homepage. Follow through the 6 simple steps!
  • Always complete the HDB resale checklist as it highlights policies and procedures that you need to be aware of before marketing your flat.

You can create an open house as it brings  more potential buyers to view your flat at a date and time set up by you. Posting nice photographs  also attract browsers to enquire and want to view your flat.

  • Less is more apply to your flat too as de-cluttering your living space allows potential buyers to concentrate on the layout and main features of your flat.
  • A good cleaning on all window grilles, doors and furniture indicates to potential buyers that you maintain your house.
  • Repainting always freshens up a property instantly. Neutral colours such as cream, white work well and match with most home furnishings.
  • Simple act of rearranging your furniture, turning on all lightings and air-conditioners or fans can create a sense of space and airy feeling.
  • Comforting scents such as a pot of freshly brewed coffee, baking bread or cookies is appealing and excludes homeliness.
  • Schedule your viewings during daytime and not late at night.
  • Have a companion with you in the flat.
  • Keep your valuable items away.
Step 1: Grant an OTP (valid for 21 calendar days) to the buyer and collect a partial deposit known as option fee in cheque (S$1 to S$1000 max) from him.

Step 2: After buyer exercised the OTP, you can collect the remaining deposit (S$5000 max – option fee) from him. He needs to submit a HDB valuation request and the appointed HDB panel valuer will inspect your flat within 4 working days.

Step 3: Both buyer and you must submit resale application within 7 calendar days of each other. Jointly agreed on a date and time to attend HDB 1st appointment together.

Step 4: Usually within 8 weeks from your 1st HDB appointment, the 2nd HDB appointment (Completion Date) will take place. This is the day you will handover keys, sign the transfer document, produce official SC & PT receipts, receive cheque for net sale proceeds (if any) and arrange for CPF monies to be refunded into your CPF account.

CONGRATULATIONS on successfully selling your flat!

OTP – Option to Purchase

SC –  Service & Conservancy

PT – Property Tax

You could reference to HDB resale flat transacted prices which are available on HDB website.

Enhanced contra facility allows you to buy another resale and sell your existing HDB flat at the same time. You can then utilise the sale proceeds and refunded CPF monies which reduces initial cash outlay, mortgage loan amount needed and monthly repayments for your purchase.

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