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Ohmyhome is the first real estate mobile application in Singapore that directly connects Housing and Development Board (HDB) buyers to sellers, and tenants to landlords. It is a free platform, which does not charge commission for successful transactions. Should users require additional help, Ohmyhome can provide them with a licensed housing agent at a flat fee regardless of the transacted price. - CIO Asia, 11 Oct 2016

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I have browsed their listings, and as a potential HDB buyer, I find their service appealing since I know I won’t have to pay commission to a buyer’s agent. I also know that since the sellers are saving on commission fees, they might be more amenable to negotiating a lower price. - Frugal in Singapore, 9 Jan 2017
Ohmyhome reported more than S$10,000 in savings for clients in some cases, and swift sales with a HDB flat-seller recently successfully securing a buyer within 2 days of listing. Channel News Asia, 11 Feb 2017
Ohmyhome have full time agents. Launched in September 2016, Ohmyhome is a startup with the mission to become to go-to brand when Singaporeans are trying to buy, sell, or rent HDBs.- Yahoo News, 9 Feb 2017
Ohmyhome is a real estate platform and a CEA licensed real estate agency which lets users buy, sell or rent HDB flats on their own without any hassle. For people who prefer a human touch, affordable full agent and documentation services are available for a flat-fee, regardless of HDB size or price. - Singapore Business Review, 29 Dec 2016
Ohmyhome is also a CEA-licensed property agency, and they offer Full Agent Services or just Documentation services at flat rates of $2,888 or $1,688 respectively. Say you’re hoping to sell your HDB flat at $350,000. Typically, the property agent’s commission is $7,000. With Ohmyhome's Full Agent Services, you’re already saving over $4,000. - Money Smart, 8 Dec 2016
Madam Chan will save about $10,000 on the agent's fee when the sale is completed. The buyer has agreed to pay $680,000 for her family's four-room flat in Toa Payoh, and Madam Chan will shell out a fixed fee of $2,888 to the agent, instead of a percentage that could have come up to $13,600. - The New Paper, 17 Nov 2016
Launched in September 2016, Ohmyhome is a real estate platform and a CEA licensed real estate agency which lets users buy, sell or rent HDB flats on their own without any hassle. - Media-Outreach, 16 Nov 2016
While most products in the property market allow a flat to be listed more than once by agents and owners, Ohmyhome listings are tied to each address and only allows owners to list to eliminate duplications. Committed to being transparent, the platform clearly lists the scope of work to ensure that all agents deliver the same level of professionalism and standards. - Market Wired, 11 Oct 2016
Ohmyhome is a free Housing and Development Board (HDB) resale and rental mobile app. It allows HDB sellers, buyers, tenants, landlords to transact directly with one another, taking agents and agent commissions out of the equation. - Her World Plus, 26 Sep 2016

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Singaporeans spend more than $200 million each year in commission fees to agents. With Ohmyhome, they hope buyers and sellers can save some money. But for those who still need help, Ohmyhome also has its own team of agents. - Asia One, 21 Aug 2016

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Full Agent Services for Landlords - $988

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” At Ohmyhome, our CEA licensed agent is at your service in assisting you, guiding you right from the start of the paperwork process...

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