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We answer some of the top questions we get asked the most.

If you take a referral fee from the banks, will you still be able to give me the best mortgage rates?

We get paid a fixed fee from our partner banks irrespective of which bank you take your loan with. This allows us to give you unbiased advice.

If I take a loan from the bank, what type of loan should I take?

Are you planning to sell the property after a few years? That is an important point to consider because it determines whether a fixed or floating interest rate suits you better. As Singapore inter-bank rates trend very closely to US Fed Rates, a fixed rate loan may be wise as a hedge against rates hikes because there is a possibility that the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in the near term. However, fixed-rate loans typically come with lock-in periods, and you are subject to fork out penalties if you pre-pay the loan within the lock-in period.

What kind of repayment options are available?

The maximum loan tenure for HDB loans is 25 years, or up to age 65, whichever is lower, for financing up to 75%. A maximum loan tenor can be up to 30 years for financing of up to 55%. For private residential properties, there's a pre-set matrix. For the first private residential loan, you can borrow up to 75% if (1) The Loan tenure does not exceed 30 years (2) Age at the end of loan tenor does not exceed 65. For financing up to 55% on the first private residential loan, the maximum loan tenor is capped at 35 years.

I would like to refinance my existing home loan with my existing bank. Can you help me?

Our experienced Mortgage Specialist will review your current interest rate package and recommend suitable refinancing options.

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