Seller Full Agent Service

$2888 | $3888

  • $2,888 for flats below $600,000
  • $3,888 for flats at $600,000 and above
Agent service from advertising, viewings and negotiations, paperwork to HDB completion appointment.

Ohmyhome believes in defying the status quo in the real estate industry, from the market rate of 2% Agent Commission to fixed rate HDB Agent Service, inclusive of GST. We assure quality, 99% customer satisfaction at the lowest rate in town.

Why Ohmyhome Agents:

  • Rated as 4.8 out of 5 based on more than 200 Facebook client reviews
  • Selling Speed at Average 33 Days on Market vs 111 Days Industry Average
  • Ohmyhome Property Agents have more than 5 years experience

Suitable for:

  • Only for Home Owners Planning to Sell

What Ohmyhome provides:

Meet up with the Client

Market Research on Valuation

Assist in Completing the Intent to Sell

Financial and Timeline Planning

Assist to Sell HDB Flat through Advertising/ Sourcing

Conduct Viewings and Price Negotiations

Issue Option to Purchase (OTP)

Submit HDB Resale Application

Conduct Final Inspection of the Flat

Attend HDB Completion Appointment (Completion Date)

Engage Ohmyhome Agent Service in 4 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1- Book an Appointment
  • Step 2- Free Discussion with the Agent
  • Step 3- Completion of Sale
  • Step 4- Payment


Within one week, we have the first viewing. At the end of the 3rd week, the OTP was signed and the deal was sealed. - Mrs. Bin

I saved around $5,000 with Ohmyhome. - Mr. Liow, 47, Assistant Production Manager

I have saved $7,000 with Ohmyhome. - Mr. Kiong, 50, Aircon Technician

More Ohmyhome Property Agent Reviews from people about their Ohmyhome journey of "That was simple."

Why Choose Ohmyhome:

Ohmyhome's Fixed Fee HDB Full Agent Service regardless of unit size and price is the first and only in Singapore.

Ohmyhome assures you that we are here to help in every step of your journey in selling your HDB.

We understand that selling your HDB flat is a milestone for you and for the whole family, thus, we hope to make it simple for you.

Payment Terms:

  • Payable upon Completion Date

Meet Up Location:

  • Our agent will meet you (the flat owner or owners) at your flat

What to do now:

Get a FREE customised property report. Call us today at 6886 9009 to secure an appointment.

You may engage our HDB Documentation Service only, at a Fixed Rate of $1688 to complete the HDB paperwork including preparation and accompanying you to the HDB appointment.


Stated price excludes Stamp Duty & HDB Submission Fees.

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